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Past Events


Themis 2021 AGM

27th May 2021

Themis' first Board was elected during the 2021 AGM. Our board members are:

i) Beth Collett : Chair, whose responsibilities include being Themis' contact point for general communications, both from within and outside Themis, setting meeting agendas, and chairing meetings.

ii) Asqa Hussain: Secretary, whose responsibilities include minute-taking, record maintenance, membership management, and other administrative duties.

iii) Sristhi Suresh: Treasurer, whose responsibilities include keeping track of and reporting financial matters.

22nd April 2021

Themis held an online event to celebrate Earth Day 2021. This event specifically looked at "Women and the World" and included discussions regarding the role of women leaders in different sustainable cultures.

This event was held via Zoom and was presented by Themis core member and projects lead Luna Spada.

Guest speakers included:

- Joana Setzer (LSE)

- Monica Feria-tinta (20 Essex Chambers)

- Ingrid Gubbay (Hausefeld & Co.)

- Michelle Jonker-Argueta (Greenpeace)

Image from iOS.png

Earth Day Celebration

Image from iOS copy.png

International Women's Day 2021

8th March 2021

Themis held an online event to celebrate International Women's Day 2021, which included a discussion of 'why the law needs intersectional feminism'.

This event was hosted by Themis core member, Luna Spada.

Guest speakers included:

- Maya Sikand QC (Doughty Street Chambers)

- Dr Charlotte Proudman (Goldsmith Chambers)

- Zoe Chapman (Red Lion Chambers)

- Lola Rose-Avery (3PB)

- Ife Thompson (BLAM Campaigner)

The Case of Meryl Streep and a look at Feminist Evidence

18th February 2021

Themis held an online event looking at the case of Martin v Kogan. Kogan v Martin & Ors (Rev 1) [2019] EWCA Civ 1645.


This event was hosted by Steering Group member Beth Collet from 8 New Square Chambers. 

BC Talk Feminist Evidence IG.jpg
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Pupillage Interviews Q&A

25 February 2021

Back by popular demand, Themis held an open zoom event in which pupil barristers answered your questions about pupillage interviews!

Guess speakers included:

- Elena Johnson (future family pupil at Queen Elizabeth's Building)

- Kitan Ososami (criminal pupil)

- Monique Bouffé (civil pupil)

- Sophie Cashell (commercial pupil)

Pupillage Application Q&A

13 January 2021

Themis held a Q&A zoom event to answer your questions about pupillage applications.

The panelists were:

     - Aqsa Hussain (No5 Chambers)

     - Beth Collett (8 New Square)


     - Srishti Suresh (Coram Chambers)

IG Live Pupillage Q&A.png

Neurodiversity at the Bar


17 December 2020

Themis held an event in collaboration with Neurodiversity in Law.

Guest speakers included:

    - Brie Stevens-Hoare QC (Hardwicke Chambers)

    - Sophy Miles (Doughty Street Chambers)

    - Elaine Banton (7BR Chambers)

    - Chloe Branton (Parklane Plowden Chambers)

    - Roxy Lackschewitz-Martin (aspiring barrister)

    - Beth Collett (Themis Steering Committee)

    - Srishti Suresh (Themis Steering Committee)

    - Sophie Stevens (Neurodiversity in Law)

Acing Applications

27 November 2020

To mark the opening of Pupillage Gateway, Themis held two simultaneous events all about acing applications. One targeted the criminal bar and the other chancery and the civil bar.

Crime Guest speakers included:

   -  Anogika Suresh (1COR Brighton)

    - Lady Gene Waszkewitz (25 Bedford Row)

    - Kassia Pletscher (Drystone Chambers)

Civil and Chancery speakers included:

    - Priya Gopal, chancery barrister (Hardwick Chambers) 

    - Bethan Davies,  personal injury, clinical negligence and employment           barrister (Parklane Plowden Chambers)


    - Preetika Mathur, employment and discrimination barrister                            (Doughty Street Chambers)

Acing Applications.png
Unexpected Jnr 1.png

Unexpected Junior: Pandemic Parenting at the Bar

19 November 2020

We know that parenting is a vital issue to be addressed at the Bar, and has become even more pressing in the pandemic. Themis held an online event targeting this topic.


Guest speakers included:

    - Carine Patry (Landmark Chambers)

    - Sian Wilkins (Civil Senior Practice Manager – Doughty Street Chambers)

Ask Aqsa Anything

12 November 2020

Themis Steering Committee member and pupil barrister Aqsa Hussain

(No5 Chambers) answered questions about pupillage and her career at the Bar.

Aqsa practices in a mix of Criminal Law and Human Rights Law and answered questions on these topics also.

UPDATED Aqsa Q&A.png

Themis Launch Event

PNG image.png

 18 September 2020

Themis hosted an online launch event to welcome members of the bar to the community.

Speakers included:

    - Margherita Cornaglia (Doughty Street)

    - Narita Bahra QC (2 Hare Court)

    - Abimbola Johnson (25 Bedford Row)

    - Ashwini Weereratne QC (Doughty Street)

    - Karlia Lykourgou (Doughty Street)

    - Alexandra Wilson (5 St Andrew’s Hill)

    - Blessing Mukosha Park (aspiring barrister)

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