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Themis Mentoring Scheme

Background of scheme

Themis launches a new mentoring scheme to provide a safe space for all self-identifying women at the Bar whether they would like to have a network to further their careers, to remain at the Bar or simply deal with the challenges that being a woman at the Bar brings. 

Themis has created a Mentoring Bank, collating women at the Bar who are keen to Mentor and then opening up the scheme for Mentees to sign up, upon which we will match Mentors and Mentees. 

The scheme had a successful launch in April 2021, whereby 20 Mentors and Mentees were matched. Our aim is to have two rounds of the scheme each year. The scheme is now open for our second round with hopes to have Mentors and Mentees matched again by November 2021. 

Themis Women recognises that at the moment there aren’t many available mentoring schemes for women who are already in practice. We have identified that women in practice would benefit from mentoring and support for example in relation to maternity, balancing life at the Bar and other responsibilities, career progression, relationship with clerks, work life balance and general guidance to overcome everyday barriers experienced disproportionately by women. We recognise that getting into the Bar is one challenge and another one is staying at the Bar. It is imperative to have guidance throughout one’s career not only at the start. 


The mentoring scheme will take the following two formats depending on preference:

  • One Mentor will be assigned a Mentee

  • Chain of Mentors and Mentees, whereby you can be both a Mentor and Mentee within a group (max. 4) benefitting from each other’s experiences. 


Eligibility to become a Mentor

Any self-identifying woman at the Bar is eligible to become a Mentor. Our aim is to provide our members expertise and experience of versatile Mentors. 

There will be no set experience level required to become a Mentor, as we think everyone can benefit from this scheme and will be able to contribute to it. We will match Mentors and Mentees based on the Mentee’s needs and will endeavour to ensure that our Mentor Bank has Mentors from different areas of law and at different levels of call.

Sign up to become a Mentor today: 


Eligibility to become a Mentee

Mentoring will be offered to women at any stage of their career including students. Mentor/Mentee allocation will be based on the needs of the Mentee and, where possible and relevant, practice areas. 

Themis Women recognises that not every woman will have the same goal and hopes that this mentoring scheme can provide each woman with the guidance they need, whether it is in relation to taking the next step in their career or in relation to everyday matters, overcoming the barriers that are often felt disproportionately by women at the Bar. 

If you need guidance, someone to talk to about your practice or life at the Bar, relationship with clerks, managing your diary, career progression, leaves of absence, flexible working – anything at all – then this scheme is for you. 

Mentees will be required to be members of Themis Women; signing up is easy through our website and free. 

Mentoring relationship

Mentors and Mentees will together decide upon how they wish to conduct the mentoring relationship and how long the mentoring relationship will continue for. Themis will not seek to interfere with the mentoring relationship; however, we will endeavour to assist where required. When allocated, Mentors and Mentees will be asked to sign an agreement for Data Protection purposes.


If this a Chain of Mentors and Mentees relationship, and one person no longer wishes to be a part of this Chain, then Themis can add another Mentor/Mentee into the chain if agreed by the other members of the Chain. 


Complaints procedure

Mentors or mentees who are dissatisfied by the relationship will have the option to raise any concerns with Themis. We will then look into the situation, address the complaint and attempt to re-allocate Mentees to new Mentors or vice versa. 

Re-allocation will be based on availability, as it may be that all Mentors/chain of mentoring are full.

Any complaints will be handled with full confidence and will not be disclosed to the Mentor/Mentee unless a serious complaint is made which requires further action. 


Code of Conduct

The aim of Themis is to provide a safe nurturing space for women, and we expect all our Mentors and Mentees to follow the below code of conduct:

  • Mentors and Mentees will be respectful towards each other including understanding that time given may be limited as such appointments/mentoring sessions (as agreed between parties) should not be cancelled last minute or abused in any manner 

  • All discussions between Mentors and Mentees will be kept confidential

  • Mentor’s and Mentee’s agree that all appropriate GDPR regulations will be complied with in relation to any data shared and will familiarise themselves with GDPR responsibilities when dealing with personal data. Written data must be deleted after the end of the mentoring relationship. 

  • Mentors and Mentees shall approach Themis at the earliest opportunity if there are any issues arising from the mentoring relationship

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