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Themis was established in 2020 by Margherita Cornaglia (Doughty Street Chambers), Ailsa McKeon (6KBW College Hill Chambers), and Luna Spada (aspiring pupil). The impetus behind creating Themis was the lack of any organisation actively bringing together and progressively representing the interests of women barristers, regardless of practice area.

More specifically, it seemed that particular attention needed to be paid to the experience of women from groups underrepresented at the Bar. We wanted to create a diverse community of women supporting women.

Read our constitution here...


We know other organisations exist focusing on specific experiences and identities. We are keen to work together with other organisations in the interests of all women at the Bar; we do not want to duplicate efforts to step on any toes!


If your organisation would like to partner with Themis for a specific even or more broadly, please get in touch with us via the links below.

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